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Chugger (2010)


Chugger is an experimental, 18 minute one-take film. The premise is a surreal, and somewhat freudian, exploration of the psyche - as a London "chugger" (charity-mugger) is confronted by his conscious during his lunch break. The hero of the film is confronted by his deepest inner thoughts and realisations of his future.


Ada + Nik | Carpe Noctem (2014)


As featured on Hypebeast: In a brother duo, experimental film-maker Oz Thakkar created this cinematic short for his brother Nik Thakkar’s brand, Ada + Nik – luxury menswear brand with couture designer Ada Zanditon. The film is a bizarre, elegant tale of man who diurnally sacrifices to escape his memories. Carpe Noctem is a punk-luxe nightmare melodrama – tangled with a bizarre backstory.


Autodrive (2012)


Steve, shielded by his safe suburban anonymity, is able to find pleasure in digital luxuries. His latest buy: a GPS, which he decides to give a test drive. Despite knowing exactly where he wants to go, the AutoDrive has an alternative route for Steve. The GPS voice begins to beg for his help whilst giving out further directions to a mysterious location.


Ada + Nik | The Dark Wolf (2013)


 “…this cinematic short hinted at something more sinister under an overlay of constellations, fireworks and mystical drawings in the sand, the afterglow of which coloured our off screen world of thumping base and sultry heat as models in black trousers and black leather arrived before we could draw breath.” - Anna Claire Sanders, WJ London

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