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Daniel Rostrup is a well versed pianist, composer and producer based in London, at ease writing in many styles from cutting edge orchestral to ambient, world and chillout. His previous work features on a number of artists' albums, such as the US jazz/rock band Jambalaya Blue and Dublin based soul/dub group, Madu.

His debut album, Chapters, is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and all major streaming services. It features ambient and soulful collaborations with vocalists Aminah Dastan, IndianMaasai (aka Natasha Elkington) and Nina R.

Daniel also wrote the music for "Autodrive", Official Selection at Raindance Film Festival London 2012 and Cannes Film Festival 2013 as well as the films "Chugger" and "Sleepfast".


"Working with Daniel is a continual delight. He maintains a grand work ethic and has the seamless ability to dissect and execute a vision. Consequently, his delivery dates are highly anticipated. Not only does he encompass a wide range of musical skills, his attention to detail is admirable, and his delivery dates speak volumes - he delivers music that surpasses the original discussed vision." 

Oz Thakkar, Working Title Films / Silent Treatment



"When Daniel places his original track on the timeline fitting perfectly the narration both in poetry and in length, it feels like "just a perfect day". That's where Daniel is unique. His perception is right, his perfection is perfect, and when he sizes the piece right for you, you suddenly worry about the moment when he won't be there for the next mission..."

Claudine Boeglin, Director of Multimedia, Thomson Reuters Foundation



"Daniel is so easy to work with - his ability to interpret  an idea is only surpassed by his ability to create amazing scores. He can take a good scene and transform it into an excellent one. Daniel's energy is always so positive - a consummate professional with a real can do attitude - and a real musical talent."

Ellis Farrell, Independent Director



"Working with Daniel is a real joy.. his attention to detail is what I appreciate the most. We don't put anything out unless we are completely confident everything works seamlessly...he is able to interpret any production with musical ease. The sky is the limit for him..."

Natasha Elkington, Poet/Entrepreneur/Multimedia Producer

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